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Mastering NCERT with Expert Solutions (Class 9-12)

NCERT textbooks are the foundation for success in CBSE board exams and competitive entrances. Origin Educare’s comprehensive NCERT solutions empower students to excel in their academic journey.

One Must Think About the Importance of NCERT Solutions in CBSE Examinations

Excelling in your CBSE exams requires a strategic approach. NCERT textbooks form the foundation of the CBSE curriculum, and mastering the concepts within them is crucial for success. This is where Origin Educare’s comprehensive NCERT solutions come in!

Why NCERT Solutions Are Important?

Deepen Your Understanding

Our solutions go beyond simply providing answers. We offer detailed explanations, step-by-step breakdowns, and alternative approaches to solving problems. This reinforces your understanding of core concepts and empowers you to tackle similar questions with confidence.

Align with CBSE Syllabus

Our solutions are meticulously crafted to align perfectly with the CBSE syllabus. This ensures you're focusing on the most relevant topics and exam-tested concepts, maximizing your preparation time.

Boost Exam Confidence

Practicing with solved NCERT questions allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. By addressing these weaknesses, you'll approach your exams feeling confident and prepared.

Develop Problem-Solving Skills

Our solutions guide you through various problem-solving techniques, equipping you to tackle new and unfamiliar questions effectively during exams.

Supplement Your Learning

Use our solutions alongside your NCERT textbooks for a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter. This comprehensive approach strengthens your knowledge retention and exam preparedness.

Importance of NCERT Solutions in CBSE Examinations:

Aligned with CBSE Curriculum

Origin Educare's NCERT solutions are meticulously designed to strictly adhere to the CBSE syllabus and examination patterns. This ensures students practice questions that directly reflect the types they will encounter in their exams.

Develop Strong Problem-Solving Skills

By working through a variety of solved problems and practicing different approaches, students develop the critical thinking and analytical skills essential for success in CBSE exams.

Foundation for Competitive Exams

NCERT mastery forms a strong foundation for success in competitive exams like JEE (Main & Advanced), NEET, and various Olympiads.

Concept Clarity and In-Depth Explanation

Our solutions go beyond just providing answers. They offer detailed explanations that break down complex concepts into simpler steps, ensuring a thorough understanding of the underlying principles.

Boost Confidence and Exam Readiness

Regularly practicing with NCERT solutions builds confidence and exam preparedness. Students become familiar with the types of questions they might face and develop effective strategies to tackle them effectively.


7484 Rating Institution approved


7484 Rating Institution approved

Trusted by over 50,000+ students since 2023.

Tips to Use NCERT Textbooks and NCERT Solutions Effectively:

Deepen Understanding

Utilize NCERT textbooks as your primary resource. Read thoroughly, grasp key concepts, and actively participate in classroom discussions.

Consolidate Learning

After completing a chapter in your NCERT textbook, refer to the corresponding solutions in Origin Educare's resources. Work through solved problems on your own, then compare your approach with the solutions provided. Identify any gaps in your understanding and seek clarification from teachers if needed.

Develop Critical Thinking

Don't just memorize solutions. Analyze the thought process behind each step and explore alternative approaches to solving problems.

Practice Makes Perfect

NCERT solutions provide a treasure trove of solved problems and explanations that solidify your understanding and enhance problem-solving skills.

Test Yourself Regularly

Utilize the vast pool of questions and solutions from NCERT and Origin Educare's resources to create self-administered quizzes and practice tests. This self-assessment helps identify areas for improvement and strengthens your exam preparedness.

How to Study NCERT Solutions Effectively with Origin Educare:

Deepen Understanding

Don't just memorize answers. Our solutions guide you through the problem-solving process, step-by-step, building a thorough understanding of concepts.

Practice Makes Perfect

We provide a variety of practice exercises alongside solutions, allowing you to solidify your learning and apply concepts to different scenarios.

Expert Insights

Our solutions are created by subject-matter experts who offer valuable explanations and insights, enriching your learning experience.

Focus on Learning Objectives

We align our solutions with the specific learning objectives outlined in the NCERT curriculum, ensuring you master the core concepts.

Interactive Learning

Enhance your learning with our online platform, featuring interactive elements like quizzes and concept maps to reinforce understanding.

Origin Educare Quality Solutions

Quality Over Quantity

We prioritize in-depth explanations over a mere collection of answers.

Focus on Application

We go beyond answers to show you how to apply concepts to solve real-world problems.

Subject Matter Expertise

Our solutions are crafted by experienced educators, not just normal content providers.

Aligned with Curriculum

Our solutions meticulously follow the NCERT syllabus, ensuring you stay on track.

NCERT Solutions For Classes 9th to 12th

Origin Educare provides top-notch NCERT Solutions for students from classes 9 to 12, essential for both school exams and entrance tests. These solutions are specifically designed to align with NCERT textbooks, making them a perfect match for CBSE students.

NCERT textbooks from class 9th onwards cover a wide range of topics in mathematics, making learning easy with clear explanations and plenty of practice questions. Understanding the theory is key to solving problems effectively.

For Science subjects, NCERT books are packed with explanations linked to everyday life, making learning enjoyable and relatable. They cover the entire syllabus comprehensively.

By using Origin Educare’s NCERT Solutions, students can excel in exams and build a strong foundation in their subjects. It’s important to rely on these trusted resources to avoid confusion and ensure success in school and board exams.

Class 9th Download Link
NCERT Solutions Class 9th Solutions Maths
(Solution Link)
NCERT Solutions Class 9th Solutions Science
(Solution Link)
NCERT Solutions Class 9th Solutions English
(Solution Link)
NCERT Solutions Class 9th Solutions Social Science
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NCERT Solutions Class 9th Solutions Hindi
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Class 10th Download Link
NCERT Solutions Class 10th Solutions Maths
(Solution Link)
NCERT Solutions Class 10th Solutions Science
(Solution Link)
NCERT Solutions Class 10th Solutions English
(Solution Link)
NCERT Solutions Class 10th Solutions Social Science
(Solution Link)
NCERT Solutions Class 10th Solutions Hindi
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Class 11th Download Link
NCERT Solutions Class 11th Solutions Physics
(Solution Link)
NCERT Solutions Class 11th Solutions Chemistry
(Solution Link)
NCERT Solutions Class 11th Solutions Mathematics
(Solution Link)
NCERT Solutions Class 11th Solutions Social Biology
(Solution Link)
Class 12th Download Link
NCERT Solutions Class 12th Solutions Physics
(Solution Link)
NCERT Solutions Class 12th Solutions Chemistry
(Solution Link)
NCERT Solutions Class 12th Solutions Mathematics
(Solution Link)
NCERT Solutions Class 12th Solutions Social Biology
(Solution Link)


Student Testimonials:

"Before using Origin Educare's solutions, I struggled with Science. The explanations in my textbook felt confusing. But Origin Educare's solutions broke things down step-by-step, with real-life examples that made everything click! Now, I feel confident tackling my exams and applying what I've learned."

Priya Singh (Class 10):

"Balancing schoolwork and preparing for competitive exams can be tough. Origin Educare's NCERT solutions are a game-changer. They're concise and clear, allowing me to grasp concepts quickly. The practice exercises are also great for identifying areas needing improvement, so I can focus my study time effectively."

Arjun Bhatiya (Class 11)

"While preparing for my board exams, I wanted to understand the 'why' behind the concepts, not just memorize answers. Origin Educare's solutions delivered! The explanations were in-depth and engaging, and they helped me see how everything connects. Thanks to Origin Educare, I aced my boards and feel well-prepared for further studies."

Aditi Jariyal (Class 12)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of using Origin Educare's NCERT Solutions?
  • Gain a deeper understanding of concepts, not just answers.
  • Enhance your problem-solving skills with a variety of practice exercises.
  • Benefit from the expertise of experienced educators who craft the solutions.
  • Ensure you stay on track with the NCERT curriculum and learning objectives.
How are Origin Educare's NCERT Solutions different from others?
  • We prioritize in-depth explanations, application-focused exercises, and subject-matter expertise compared to generic solutions.

Can these solutions help me prepare for entrance exams?
  • A strong foundation in NCERT concepts is crucial for many entrance exams. Origin Educare’s solutions will equip you with a solid understanding that benefits your overall exam preparation.

Do I need to purchase the NCERT textbooks to use your solutions?
  • While having the textbooks alongside our solutions is ideal, our explanations are comprehensive and can be used independently for reference and practice.

Are NCERT solutions enough for board exams (Class 10 & 12)?
  • NCERT solutions provide a strong foundation, but for board exams, consider practicing additional questions from previous years’ papers and other reliable sources. Origin Educare’s solutions often include pointers to helpful resources beyond NCERT.

How can I use your solutions for subjects like Science and Social Science, which involve a lot of theoretical understanding?
  • Our solutions go beyond just answers. We break down complex concepts into clear explanations, often using real-life examples to enhance your grasp of the material. Visual aids like diagrams and flowcharts might also be included.

What if I get stuck on a specific concept while using your solutions?
  • If you’re using our online platform, you might be able to access interactive elements like concept maps or discussion forums to clarify doubts. Additionally, some plans might offer limited Q&A sessions with subject experts.

Can these solutions help me prepare for competitive exams like JEE or NEET?
  • While NCERT forms the foundation, competitive exams often require a deeper understanding. However, Origin Educare’s solutions will solidify your core concepts, giving you a strong base for further exploration in competitive exam prep materials.

I struggle with time management. How can your solutions help me study efficiently?
  • Our solutions are designed to be clear and concise, allowing you to grasp concepts quickly. The practice exercises help you identify areas needing more focus, allowing you to target your study time effectively.

Is there a difference between Origin Educare's solutions and the free ones available online?
  • Free online solutions may lack quality control and in-depth explanations. Origin Educare’s solutions are created by subject matter experts, ensuring accuracy and valuable insights tailored to the NCERT curriculum.