JEE Advance Exam Pattern

Acquainting yourself with the exam pattern of both stages of JEE 2024 is crucial for every aspirant. The exam pattern, syllabus, and other significant details are determined and updated by the respective JEE exam organising authority, with IIT Guwahati being the official authority for JEE Advanced 2024. A comprehensive understanding of the exam’s intricacies, such as time duration, marking scheme, and passing marks, is vital for effective preparation. Let’s explore essential information about the JEE Advanced exam:

JEE Advanced 2024 Exam Pattern Highlights:

● Conducted in computer-based (online) mode.

● Comprises two papers – Paper 1 and Paper 2, with candidates appearing for both.

● Question paper includes subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. 

● Understanding the exam process and the breakup of question papers is crucial for efficient preparation.

Key Information about JEE Advanced 2024 Exam:

● Examination Mode: Computer-Based Examination
● Medium of the Examination: English and Hindi
● Number of Papers: Two papers – Paper 1 and Paper 2
● Total Time for the Exam: Three hours for each paper
● Number of Sections: Three sections each for Paper 1 and Paper 2 – Physics,
Chemistry, and Mathematics
● Marking Scheme: Full, partial, and zero marking concept. 

JEE Advanced 2024 Exam Pattern – Total Marks:

The exam consists of two papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2, each with specific question types
and marks distribution:
I. Paper 1:

● Section 1: MCQs (6 questions) – 18 marks
● Section 2: Single correct option questions (6 questions) – 24 marks
● Section 3: Numerical questions (6 questions) – 24 marks
II. Paper 2:
● Section 1: MCQs (6 questions) – 24 marks
● Section 2: Numerical value questions (6 questions) – 24 marks
● Section 3: Integer answer questions (6 questions) – 18 marks

Marking Scheme for Both Papers:
Paper 1:

● Section 1: Single correct option questions – +3 (Correct), -1 (Incorrect), 18 marks
● Section 2: Questions where two or more options are correct – +4 (Correct), -2
(Incorrect), 24 marks
● Section 3: Numerical questions – +4 (Correct), No negative marking, 24 marks
Paper 2:
● Section 1: MCQs – +4 (Correct), -2 (Incorrect), 24 marks
● Section 2: Numerical questions – +4 (Correct), No negative marking, 24 marks
● Section 3: Integer questions – +3 (Correct), -1 (Incorrect), 18 marks
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JEE Advanced 2024: General Instructions for Computer-Based Test:
● Log in using the assigned password, click on ‘proceed,’ and then “Start” to begin the
● The keyboard is disabled; candidates use the mouse for answers.
● Candidates receive another computer in case of issues.
● An automatic clock tracks login and logout times.
● Language change option is available in the ‘profile’ section.

Important Facts About JEE Advanced 2024 Application Form:
● Registration begins on April 30, 2024.
● Application deadline is May 4, 2024.
● Forms must be filled online.
● Provide a valid email ID and phone number during registration.
● Select the exam centre during registration.
● Incomplete forms lead to disqualification.
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