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Experience personalised excellence in every session – where every student meets a  dedicated teacher, fostering a unique and impactful learning journey. Elevate your IIT preparation with us! 

Elevate Your Learning Experience:

Kota’s Top IITian Educators

Proven Experienced Faculties

Interactive Doubt Resolution

Progressive Performance Analysis

1000+ IITians Success Stories

1500+ NITians Success Stories

Personalized Mentoring

Anywhere, Anytime Learning

Flexibility Redefined

Comprehensive Subject Coverage

Why Choose Origin Educare's JEE MAINS Online Live Classes?

Origin Educare empowers you to ignite your brilliance with our comprehensive JEE MAINS online coaching program designed specifically for IIT JEE aspirants. Here’s why we’re your perfect partner:

Expert Faculty:

Learn from Kota's best IITian educators, renowned for their experience and proven track record.

IIT Concepts with IITian-Authored Resources:

Access our exclusive study materials developed by experienced IITian experts. This includes modules, class notes, revision notes, formula sheets, mind maps, DPPs (daily practice papers), question banks, regular assignments, and more.

Master Any Topic:

Conquer all aspects of JEE with our chapter-wise, rank booster, classroom (simulated Kota experience), major test series, and NCERT-based options.

Comprehensive Support:

Stay informed and involved with regular parent-teacher meetings and detailed reports on your progress, work, and test performance.

Dedicated Mentorship:

Get personalised doubt resolution and tailored guidance to address your specific needs and learning style.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips:

Choose your study material format (soft or hard copy) from Origin Edushop to fit your preferences.

Origin Educare - Your Personalised Path to IIT JEE Success!


Customise your study schedule, prioritise subjects, and embrace the power of Online JEE(MAIN+ADVANCED) Live Classes.

Class schedule Class with duration Discussion

Craft your personalised schedule for IIT JEE with Origin Educare!

Unmatched Flexibility

Customise Your Schedule:

Fit classes around your life. Discuss your ideal schedule directly with our expert mentorship instructor.

Prioritise Your Learning:

Focus on the subjects that need the most attention.

Personalised Power

JEE MAIN Live Instruction:

Get the undivided attention of a dedicated IITian faculty member throughout each session.

Interactive Discussions:

Deepen your understanding through active discussions and personalised feedback.

Enrol Now and Seize Your Advantage with our Online JEE(MAIN+ADVANCED) Live Classes.

Fee Structure:

 Invest in Your Future with Origin Educare’s 1-on-1 Live Classes

Class 11th JEE:

All Subjects(Physics, Chemistry, and Math): ₹90,000
Individual Subject: ₹40,000

Class 12th JEE:

All Subjects(Physics, Chemistry, and Math): ₹1,20,000
Individual Subject: ₹50,000

Flexible Payment Options: Pay in instalments!

Class 11th JEE:

1st Instalment: ₹50,000
2nd Instalment: ₹40,000

Class 12th JEE:

1st Instalment: ₹70,000
2nd Instalment: ₹50,000

Get Started Today:

Don't wait! Take control of your future and contact us for a personalised session. Speak to a Counsellor: Call us at +91- 9636912275 to discuss your unique needs and goals. Request a Callback: Fill out our quick form and we'll connect you with an expert to explore your options.

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     Meet Your Virtual Guru: The #Top IITian Faculty for JEE Success

Our team comprises the most experienced IITians and Kota’s top educators, representing the #Number 1 faculty available online. These virtual gurus are passionate about guiding students to conquer the IIT JEE.

Unmatched Expertise at Your Fingertips:

Each instructor brings a unique blend of experience and teaching style, ensuring a perfect match for your learning needs. Explore detailed profiles of our educators to find your ideal virtual guru and embark on your personalised journey to IIT success.

Teaching Methodology

Crafting Your Virtual Symphony of Learning Experience an interactive and personalised approach to IIT preparation with our captivating Online 1-on-1 Live Classes.

Live Virtual Lectures

Immerse yourself in engaging live sessions, fostering real-time interaction and personalized attention.

Digital Doubt Resolution

Illuminate your path with instant digital doubt clarification during and after classes, fostering a deeper understanding of complex concepts.

Virtual Progress Tracking

Revel in regular virtual assessments and constructive feedback, sculpting your journey towards digital brilliance.


Origin Educare: Proven Results, Unwavering Focus

Experience the unwavering dedication that sets Origin Educare apart.

Class schedule Class with duration Discussion
Over 20+ years of experience guide our exceptional senior faculty.
Supported over +5,000 students on their journeys to IIT excellence.
Our commitment to results: JEE Advanced 33% selection in 2022 39% selection in 2023

JEE MAINS Online Coaching

Get undivided attention from experienced Kota IITian faculty.

Exclusive Study Materials

Master challenging subjects with our comprehensive resources.

Flexible Learning Environment:

Learn from anywhere, anytime with our convenient online platform.

Start your journey today and achieve IIT glory with Origin Educare!


Student Testimonials:

"Origin Educare's JEE MAINS classes were a game-changer for me. My teacher, Mr. Sharma, completely understood my learning style and pushed me to reach my full potential. The personalised attention and high-quality study materials made a huge difference in my preparation. I highly recommend Origin Educare to anyone serious about cracking the IIT JEE!"

Anika Singh (IIT Delhi 2024 Qualifier)

"Before joining Origin Educare, I struggled with physics. But my online coach, Ms. Gupta, made the concepts so much clearer. Her interactive teaching methods and constant support kept me motivated throughout the year. With Origin Educare's help, I not only improved my understanding but also boosted my confidence for the exams."

Rohan Kapoor (Scored 95% in JEE Mains 2024)

"The flexibility of Origin Educare's online classes was perfect for my busy schedule. I could attend live sessions at my convenience and revisit recordings whenever needed. The doubt resolution system was fantastic – I always got clear and prompt answers to my questions. Thanks to Origin Educare, I saw a significant improvement in my score this year!"

Priya Mishra (Increased score by 200 points in JEE Mains 2024)

Parent Testimonials:

"We were worried about our son getting lost in a large classroom setting. Origin Educare's JEE MAINS approach with Mr. Sharma has been amazing. He understands our son's strengths and weaknesses and tailors his teaching accordingly. We've seen a tremendous improvement in his confidence and understanding of complex concepts."

Suraj singh parent of Anika Singh (IIT Delhi 2024 Qualifier)

"My daughter struggles with traditional classroom learning. Origin Educare's online platform with Ms. Gupta has been a game-changer. The interactive tools keep her engaged, and Ms. Gupta's ability to explain things clearly makes a big difference. We're so glad we found Origin Educare."

Anupriya kapoor , parent of Rohan Ka (Scored 95% in JEE Mains 2024)

"Our biggest concern was finding the right support system to help our child through the demanding IIT JEE preparation. Origin Educare, with its small class sizes and dedicated faculty like Mr. Kapoor, provides exactly that. They not only focus on academics but also help our child overcome challenges and stay motivated. We feel confident that Origin Educare is setting our child up for success."

Soniya mishra parent of Priya Mishra (Increased score by 200 points in JEE Mains 2024)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the benefit of JEE MAINS online coaching classes?

In JEE MAINS classes, you receive fully personalised learning experience tailored to your specific needs and pace. This fosters deeper understanding, targeted support for weaker areas, and a more efficient learning process.

Is Origin Educare's program suitable for all levels of students?ompared to group classes?

Our program is designed to cater to students at various stages of their IIT JEE preparation. Whether you’re a beginner or aiming to improve your score significantly, we can tailor a plan to fit your goals and current understanding.

What qualifications do your faculty members possess?

Our faculty comprises experienced and accomplished IIT graduates. They not only possess strong subject knowledge but also understand the nuances of the IIT JEE exam and effective online teaching methods.

What subjects are covered in the program?

The program covers all three core subjects essential for IIT JEE: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

What study materials do I receive?

You’ll gain access to our exclusive library of high-quality study materials, including modules, class notes, revision notes, formula sheets, mind maps, Daily Practice Papers (DPPs), question banks, regular assignments, and more. These resources are developed by our team of IITian experts.

Can I choose the format of the study materials (softcopy or hardcopy)?

Absolutely! We understand individual preferences. You can choose to receive your study materials in either softcopy (digital) or hardcopy (printed) format.

How flexible is the class schedule?

We understand the importance of scheduling that aligns with your existing commitments. You can discuss your preferred schedule directly with your instructor to find a mutually convenient time for your live sessions.

How can I get my doubts clarified?

Our program offers a robust doubt resolution system. You can clarify concepts with your instructor during live sessions or through our online platform for prompt responses.

Do I get any performance reports?

Yes, we provide regular progress reports that track your performance through assessments, tests, and assignments. These reports offer valuable insights into your strengths and areas for improvement, allowing you to refine your study strategy.

How do I enrol in the program?

Visit our website to explore the program details and enrollment process. You can also schedule a free consultation with our admissions team to discuss your goals and get personalised recommendations.

What is the fee structure for the program?

The fee for our 1-on-1 online coaching program is variable and depends on several factors, including the chosen subjects, class duration, and faculty experience level. To get a precise quote, contact our admissions team for a consultation.

We hope this FAQ section clarifies any questions you may have about Origin Educare’s JEE MAINS Online IIT JEE Coaching program. 

    If you have any further inquiries, feel free to reach out to us!

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