Unleash Your Potential: Foundation Course for Class 6-10

Spark a love for learning and build a strong foundation for future success in Science and Math with Origin Educare’s engaging online foundation course! 

Designed specifically for students from Class 6 to 10, this program ignites curiosity and equips you with the key concepts for academic excellence.

Experienced and Passionate Educators

Our team of highly qualified teachers, passionate about middle school education, will guide you through a comprehensive curriculum aligned with your school board (e.g., CBSE, ICSE).

Enriching Learning Experience

Interactive Live Sessions

Participate in live, online classes that make learning fun and engaging.

Concept Mastery

Gain a deep understanding of fundamental concepts in Science, Math, and other core subjects (depending on your chosen program).

Practice Makes Perfect

Sharpen your skills with regular assignments, quizzes, and interactive exercises.

Doubt Clearing Made Easy

Get personalised support through our dedicated doubt resolution sessions.

Why Choose Origin Educare's Foundation Course (Class 6-10)?

Ignite Your Child's Brilliance: Foundation Course

Head Start:

Build a strong foundation in Science, Math & core subjects.

Expert Guidance:

Experienced teachers, personalised attention (smaller classes).

Interactive & Engaging:

Fun online sessions that keep students motivated.

Confidence & Skills:

Develop critical thinking, problem-solving & a love for learning.

Test Series Included:

Track progress and identify areas for improvement.

Flexibility & Convenience:

Learn from home, anytime, anywhere.

Empower your child's success! Choose Origin Educare's Foundation Course.


Organise for Success: Origin Educare Makes Learning Easy

Flexible Scheduling:

Craft a study schedule that fits your child's needs and extracurricular activities. Discuss options with our academic advisors.

Engaging Live Sessions:

Interactive online classes keep students motivated and focused.

Expert Guidance:

Our experienced teachers are available to answer questions and provide support throughout the course.

Fee Structure:

  Invest in Your Child’s Future

We offer a comprehensive and affordable foundation course designed to equip your child with the skills and knowledge for academic success.

Grade Level Subject Fees

Course Fee:

Contact us for a customised schedule based on your child's grade level and chosen subjects (Science, Math, etc.).

Flexible Payment Options:

We understand that budgeting is important. Discuss flexible payment plans with our advisors.

Limited Spots Available! Enrol Now!


Our passionate and experienced teachers are dedicated to igniting a love for learning in your child.
  • Highly Qualified: Each instructor holds a relevant degree and possesses a strong background in middle school education.
  • Engaging and Supportive: We foster a nurturing environment where your child feels comfortable asking questions and participating in class discussions.
  • Building a Strong Foundation: Origin Educare believes in the power of quality educators who can inspire and guide your child towards academic success.

Teaching Methodology

Our engaging online platform provides a dynamic learning experience that caters to diverse learning styles.

Live, Interactive Sessions:

Our instructors make learning fun and engaging through live online classes that encourage active participation.

Personalised Support:

We offer dedicated online support, ensuring your child receives prompt assistance whenever needed.

Regular Assessments:

Regular quizzes and assignments help students solidify their understanding and track their progress.

Building a Growth Mindset:

We foster a growth mindset by encouraging a love for learning, celebrating effort, and providing constructive feedback.


Origin Educare empowers your child to develop a strong foundation in core subjects, setting them on the path to academic excellence.

Class schedule Class with duration Discussion
Over 20+ years of experience guide our exceptional senior faculty.
Supported over 5,000 students from 10th Board to achieve exceptional results exceeding 90%.
Our commitment to results: 10th Board Exam 500+ Students scored 90% in 2023

Invest in Your Child's Future


Student Testimonials:

"Origin Educare's Foundation Course has made Science and Math so much fun! My teacher, Ms. Patel, explains everything clearly and makes the lessons interactive. Now I understand the concepts much better and even get good grades in school!"

Aditi Saxena (Grade 8)

"I used to struggle with solving problems in Math. But since joining Origin Educare's online classes, I feel much more confident. My teacher, Mr. Joshi, is very patient and helps me understand every step of the process. I'm no longer afraid of challenging problems!"

Yashvi Mehta (Grade 7)

"The best part about the Foundation Course is learning with other students online. We can interact and ask questions together. It makes learning more engaging, and I've made some new friends too!"

Vivaan Rao (Grade 6)

Parent Testimonials:

"We enrolled our daughter in the Foundation Course because we wanted to give her a strong foundation in Science and Math before high school. Origin Educare's program has been amazing! Aditi is not only performing well in these subjects but also shows a genuine interest in learning more."

Sunil Saxena Parent of Aditi Saxena (Grade 8)

"Yashvi has always been bright, but Math was a challenge for her. The smaller class size and personalised attention in Origin Educare's course have made a big difference. We've seen a significant improvement in her confidence and problem-solving skills."

Rani Mehta Parent of Yashvi Mehta (Grade 7)

"Origin Educare's online platform has been a lifesaver! It allows Vivaan to learn at his own pace from the comfort of home. The interactive sessions keep him engaged, and the teachers are always available to answer his questions. We're confident this program will prepare him well for future academic challenges."

Anjali Rao Parent of Vivaan Rao (Grade 6)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of the Foundation Course?

The Foundation Course equips students with a strong foundation in core subjects like Science, Math, and English (depending on your chosen program). This prepares them for academic success in higher grades and competitive exams. It also fosters a love for learning, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Is the Foundation Course suitable for all students?

Absolutely! The program caters to students in Grades 6-10, regardless of their current academic level. Whether your child needs extra support or wants to get ahead, our personalised approach ensures they can learn and grow at their own pace.

What qualifications do your faculty members possess?

Our passionate and experienced teachers hold relevant degrees and possess a strong background in middle school education. They are selected for their ability to create a nurturing environment and cater to diverse learning styles.

What subjects are covered in the program?

The Foundation Course offers various options depending on your needs. You can choose to enrol your child in Science, Math, English, or a combination of these subjects.

What study materials do I receive?

Students will have access to a comprehensive online learning portal with engaging modules, interactive exercises, quizzes, and assignments.

Can I choose the format of the study materials (softcopy or hardcopy)?

Currently, study materials are available online only.

How can my child get help with challenging concepts?

Our program offers dedicated online support. Students can ask questions during live sessions or through the online platform, ensuring they receive prompt assistance whenever needed.

Will I receive updates on my child's progress?

Yes! We provide regular progress reports that track your child’s performance through assessments and assignments. These reports allow you to stay informed and collaborate with teachers to optimise your child’s learning journey.

What is the fee structure for the program?

The fee for the Foundation Course varies depending on the chosen grade level, subjects, and desired enrollment duration. Contact our admissions team for a consultation to receive a personalised quote.

We hope this FAQ section clarifies any questions you may have about Origin Educare


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