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Origin Educare revolutionises online learning, offering premier tutors in INDIA across JEE(MAINS+ADVANCED), JEE(MAINS), NEET & FOUNDATION(NTSE & KVPY Olympiad). Our platform connects students with highly qualified faculty, ensuring professionalism at affordable rates. Dedicated experts guide students through online classes, sharing valuable strategies to master each subject’s fundamentals. 

Meet our Experts

Going beyond exam readiness, Origin Educare is devoted to realising students’ aspirations in JEE(MAINS+ADVANCED), JEE(MAINS), NEET & FOUNDATION(NTSE & KVPY Olympiad). Our online platform offers specially curated study materials, enriching the learning experience. Mock tests, integral to our online classes, adhere to rigorous standards of competitive exams. Our seasoned teachers, IIT and NIT alumni, offer constructive feedback, guiding students to amplify their performance. Join Origin Educare for a transformative odyssey toward success and personal development, tailored for JEE(MAINS+ADVANCED), JEE(MAINS), NEET & FOUNDATION(NTSE & KVPY Olympiad) excellence.

Mathematics Brilliance with Origin Educare Online:

Embark on a journey of mathematical excellence with Origin Educare’s online courses. Our instructors, successful graduates of IIT and NIT, offer personalised guidance. Experience the convenience of online classes, access specially crafted study materials, and excel in mathematics through strategic mock tests.

Rahul Virash

an IIT-Bombay graduate from Kota, is a renowned educator with 6 years of experience in teaching Mathematics for IIT JEE. He has personally mentored students, earning acclaim for his dedication and expertise in guiding aspiring engineers to success.

Abhimanyu Kumar

with 6 years of experience brings practical wisdom to Mathematics education, helping students overcome challenges effectively.

Amit Pal Singh

a seasoned mentor with 15 years of expertise from IIT-Madras, leads the way in Mathematics education, shaping numerous students' paths to success.

Sunil Katanya

with 5 years of teaching experience, brings fresh ideas to the table, enriching Mathematics education with his innovative approach.

Alok Agarwal

boasting 5 years of experience, offers a tailored approach to Mathematics education, ensuring students grasp concepts thoroughly.

Physics Excellence with Origin Educare Online

Master physics effortlessly with Origin Educare’s online platform. Our seasoned instructors, alumni of esteemed institutions like IIT and NIT, provide expert guidance. Enjoy the flexibility of online learning, access curated study materials, and ace physics with interactive classes and comprehensive mock tests.

Anurag Katiyar

with 13 years of experience delivers expert physics coaching, leveraging insights from his tenure at a top coaching institute.

Laxmikant Sharma

with 13 years of experience, provides comprehensive physics coaching, drawing from his background at a renowned university and previous coaching institute.

Chemistry Mastery with Origin Educare Online

Unlock the secrets of chemistry through Origin Educare’s online expertise. Our IIT and NIT alumni instructors ensure a deep understanding of concepts. Benefit from the convenience of online classes, personalised study materials, and rigorous mock tests, paving the way for exceptional performance in competitive exams.

Ashok Kumar

with 23 years of experience, excels in chemistry coaching, drawing from his time at Allen and Aakash to provide tailored support for student success.

Fariyad Ali

boasting 15 years of expertise, specialises in chemistry coaching, honed during his tenure at Resonate Kota, ensuring students receive personalised guidance.

Mukesh Jain

with 10 years of experience, delivers impactful chemistry coaching, instilling confidence and skills essential for academic excellence, shaped by his time at Resonance Kota.

Mukesh Rajpurohit

with 10 years of experience translates into effective chemistry coaching, offering students personalised strategies to conquer academic challenges.

Bharat Nagar

leveraging 5 years of expertise, delivers engaging chemistry coaching sessions, combining solid foundations with interactive teaching to prepare students for success.

Why Origin Educare?

Origin Educare stands out in its approach to preparing students for the JEE(MAINS+ADVANCED), JEE(MAINS), NEET & FOUNDATION(NTSE & KVPY Olympiad) exam with a unique learning methodology. Providing kota’s best faculties all experienced, some passed out from IIT and NIT, dedicated to providing individual attention to each student, ensuring a thorough understanding of concepts and topics.


How Origin Educare Nurtures Success:

We make learning easy forJEE(MAINS+ADVANCED), JEE(MAINS), NEET & FOUNDATION(NTSE & KVPY Olympiad). Our lessons are carefully planned, helping you understand the basics. Designed for JEE(MAINS+ADVANCED), JEE(MAINS), NEET & FOUNDATION(NTSE & KVPY Olympiad), our curriculum facilitates a deep understanding of fundamental concepts. Engage in dynamic online classes, distributed practice problems (DPPs), and weekly tests integral to our approach. This ensures thorough analysis and enhancement of students’ performance across JEE(MAINS+ADVANCED), JEE(MAINS), NEET & FOUNDATION(NTSE & KVPY Olympiad) preparations.

Our Excellence:


Our team creates a joyful atmosphere that encourages students to study collaboratively. Daily query-solving sessions promote mutual support and engagement.


Our educators are specialists dedicated to their craft, ensuring that students can rely on them as knowledgeable and capable mentors.


Recognizing diverse backgrounds, we leverage our strength in adaptability, making it easier for faculty to deliver lectures in a straightforward manner.


We envision a world filled with resilient problem-solvers driven by Knowledgeable and creative mindsets. Our commitment is to help students achieve their dreams.

What Makes Origin Educare Teachers Special:

Our teachers at Origin Educare are not just good at solving tricky problems; they’re also great at asking the right questions. They understand your challenges, how you like to learn, and what motivates you. With a friendly and personalised approach in all subjects, they make sure you deeply understand what you’re studying.

Join Origin Educare for a learning adventure that’s made just for you!


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