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At Origin Educare, we believe every student deserves dedicated attention. Our Offline classes connect you with Kota’s top IITian faculty, fostering a unique and impactful learning journey.

Why Choose Origin Educare?

Unleash your full potential and crack JEE with Origin Educare’s comprehensive offline coaching program!

Kota's Best Faculty:

Learn directly from Kota's top educators, renowned for their expertise and proven track record of guiding students to success.

Interactive Classroom Environment

Immerse yourself in dynamic and engaging classes, fostering in-depth understanding and a love for learning.

Strategic Roadmap to Success

Benefit from our meticulously designed academic plans that lay a strong foundation for JEE preparation over 3-4 years.

Targeted Syllabus Coverage

We cater to students starting in different grades. Choose from in-depth coverage for Class VIII to XI or a program specifically designed for IX to X movers, ensuring a solid grasp of fundamental concepts.

Personalized Support System

Get the one-on-one attention you deserve with our personalized doubt resolution system. Regular assessments track your progress and identify areas for improvement.

Enhanced Test Series

Get the best of both worlds with our extensive offline test series for focused practice, complemented by free access to our online test series for added convenience.

At Origin Educare, we believe in creating a supportive and stimulating learning environment to empower each student on their journey to IIT success.

Our Offline Course Offerings:

Origin Educare empowers JEE aspirants of all levels with our comprehensive offline coaching programs. We offer a variety of courses designed to cater to your specific needs and starting point:


Ignite Your Passion: Spark your JEE journey with a strong foundation in Class XI.
Expert Guidance: Learn from Kota's best faculty who will guide you through the fundamentals and introduce key concepts for JEE success.
Solid Foundation: Build a strong base in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, crucial for excelling in JEE.


Master Key Concepts: Deepen your understanding of complex JEE topics with expert instruction and targeted practice.
Strategic Planning: Learn effective test-taking strategies and time management skills to excel in competitive exams.
Mock Test Series: Get regular practice and identify areas for improvement with our comprehensive offline test series.


Cover Crucial Ground: Review and solidify Class XI & XII concepts while strategically tackling advanced JEE topics.
Sharpen Your Skills: Intensify your practice with a high volume of mock tests and problem-solving exercises.
Maximize Performance: Gain essential exam-taking strategies and techniques to perform at your peak on JEE day.

NEEV (Class VI to X):

Lay the Foundation Early: Start building a strong foundation in Science and Mathematics for future JEE success from Class VI onwards.
Develop a Love for Learning: Foster a passion for STEM subjects with engaging and interactive learning experiences.
Nurture Curiosity: Our program ignites a love for exploration and problem-solving, essential skills for future academic endeavors.

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Study Resources You Won't Find Anywhere Else:

IIT Concepts with IITian-Authored Resources:

Access our exclusive study materials developed by experienced IITian experts. This includes modules, class notes, revision notes, formula sheets, mind maps, DPPs (daily practice papers), question banks, regular assignments, and more.

Master Any Topic:

Conquer all aspects of JEE with our chapter-wise, rank booster, classroom (simulated Kota experience), major test series, and NCERT-based options.

Comprehensive Support:

Stay informed and involved with regular parent-teacher meetings and detailed reports on your progress, work, and test performance.

Dedicated Mentorship:

Get personalised doubt resolution and tailored guidance to address your specific needs and learning style.


     Meet Your Virtual Guru: The #Top IITian Faculty for JEE Success

Our team comprises the most experienced IITians and Kota’s top educators, representing the #Number 1 faculty available online. These virtual gurus are passionate about guiding students to conquer the IIT JEE.

Unmatched Expertise at Your Fingertips:

Each instructor brings a unique blend of experience and teaching style, ensuring a perfect match for your learning needs. Explore detailed profiles of our educators to find your ideal virtual guru and embark on your personalised journey to IIT success.

Teaching Methodology

Learn, Practice, Achieve: Origin Educare’s Engaging Methodology

Interactive Classes

Engaging lectures, discussions, and activities for deep understanding.

Targeted Practice

Structured materials, assignments, and feedback for boosted confidence.

24/7 Resources

Online portal with video lectures, simulations, and extra practice.

Instant Doubt Resolution

Get immediate support from our expert faculty.

Regular Assessments

Track progress and optimize learning with personalized plans.


Origin Educare: Proven Results, Unwavering Focus

Experience the unwavering dedication that sets Origin Educare apart.

Class schedule Class with duration Discussion
Over 20+ years of experience guide our exceptional senior faculty.
Supported over +5,000 students on their journeys to IIT excellence.
Our commitment to results: JEE Advanced 33% selection in 2022 39% selection in 2023

JEE Offline Coaching:

Get attention from experienced Kota IITian faculty.

Personalized Learning:

We tailor your study plan to fit your needs and goals.

Exclusive Study Materials:

Master challenging subjects with our comprehensive resources.


Student Testimonials:

"Origin Educare's interactive classes and doubt-solving sessions were a game-changer for my JEE preparation. The faculty's guidance and the well-structured study materials helped me build a strong foundation and tackle complex concepts with confidence. I highly recommend Origin Educare to any aspiring JEE candidate!"

- Shreya M ., (Cracked JEE Main & Advanced)

"The personalized attention I received at Origin Educare was invaluable. My teachers identified my strengths and weaknesses and created a study plan that catered to my individual needs. The regular assessments and mock tests helped me stay on track and improve my performance consistently. Thanks to Origin Educare, I achieved a top rank in JEE Main!"

- Arjun S. , (Top Ranker in JEE Main)

"Origin Educare's offline coaching program provided a stimulating learning environment that kept me motivated throughout my JEE preparation. The faculty's passion for teaching was contagious, and their dedication to my success truly inspired me. I am grateful for the support I received at Origin Educare, which ultimately helped me secure a seat in my dream IIT!"

- Aditi J., (IIT Delhi Admit)

Parent Testimonials:

"As parents, we were initially apprehensive about sending our child to coaching classes. However, Origin Educare's focus on personalized learning and regular progress reports put our worries to ease. We were impressed by the commitment of the faculty and the positive impact it had on our child's confidence and academic performance. We are incredibly proud of our child's success in JEE, and we credit a big part of it to Origin Educare's excellent coaching program."

Mr. & Mrs. Sharma, Parents of Shreya M.

"Origin Educare provided a comprehensive and well-structured learning environment for our son's JEE preparation. The faculty's expertise and the availability of 24/7 resources ensured that all his doubts were addressed promptly. We highly appreciate the open communication between teachers and parents, which kept us informed about our son's progress and allowed us to support him effectively. Origin Educare played a vital role in our son's success, and we are eternally grateful."

- Mr. & Mrs. Singh, Parents of Arjun S. ,

"Choosing Origin Educare for our daughter's JEE coaching was one of the best decisions we made. The focus on not just academics but also on building a strong work ethic and time management skills proved to be very beneficial. The positive and encouraging atmosphere at Origin Educare helped our daughter stay motivated throughout her preparation. We are extremely happy with our daughter's achievement, and we wholeheartedly recommend Origin Educare to any parent seeking quality coaching for their child's JEE preparation."

- Mr. & Mrs. Joshi, Parents of Aditi J.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of joining Origin Educare's offline JEE courses?
  • Expert Faculty: Learn directly from Kota’s top educators with proven JEE success records.
  • Personalized Learning: Get individual attention and a study plan tailored to your needs.
  • Interactive Classes: Immerse yourself in engaging lectures, discussions, and activities.
  • Targeted Practice: Build confidence with well-structured study materials and regular assessments.
  • 24/7 Learning Resources: Access video lectures, simulations, and extra practice anytime.
  • Instant Doubt Resolution: Get immediate support from our expert faculty.
  • Strategic Planning: Learn effective test-taking strategies and time management skills.
  • Mock Test Mania: Regularly gauge your progress and identify areas for improvement with comprehensive offline tests.
  • Printed Study Materials: Supplement your learning with high-quality printed resources.
  • Supportive Environment: Benefit from a dedicated and motivating learning atmosphere.
What courses do you offer for JEE preparation?

We offer a variety of offline courses to cater to different starting points:

  • NURTURE (Class XI): Build a strong foundation for JEE from the beginning of Class XI.
  • ENTHUSIAST (Class XII): Accelerate your preparation in Class XII with in-depth concept coverage.
  • LEADER (XII Pass): Take a focused and intensive approach to JEE preparation after Class XII.
  • NEEV (Class VI to X): Start building a strong foundation in Science and Math for future JEE success from a young age.
What is the class size for the offline courses?
  • Our class sizes are designed to ensure individual attention. You’ll have ample opportunity to interact with faculty and ask questions.
Do I need to be from a specific academic background to join your courses?
  • No, our courses are open to all students with a strong desire to crack JEE. We offer guidance and support to help you reach your full potential.
What happens if I miss a class?
  • Don’t worry! We provide access to recordings of lectures and class notes so you can stay on track.
How can I manage both schoolwork and JEE preparation?
  • Our program is designed to be time-efficient. You’ll receive guidance on effective study habits and time management skills to balance your academic workload.
What kind of support do you offer outside of class time?
  • We have dedicated doubt resolution sessions and faculty office hours to address any questions you may have.
How do you assess my progress?
  • We conduct regular assessments, including quizzes, mock tests, and performance reports, to track your progress and identify areas for improvement.
What is the fee structure for the offline courses?
  • Please visit our website or contact our admissions team for detailed information on fees and payment options.
How do I enroll in a course?
  • You can enroll online through our website or contact our admissions team to discuss your options and find the perfect program for you.

We hope this FAQ section clarifies any questions you may have about Origin Educare’s JEE MAINS Online IIT JEE Coaching program. 

    If you have any further inquiries, feel free to reach out to us!