Origin Test Series

How can I access Origin Test Series?

To access Origin Test Series, you can visit the official website of the program. Once there,
you can explore the available test series packages and choose the one that aligns with your
exam preparation needs. After selecting the desired package, you’ll need to complete the
registration process by providing your basic personal information and making the required
payment. Upon successful registration, you’ll gain access to the test series materials and
can begin your preparation journey.

Are there any free sample tests available?

Yes, Origin Test Series may offer free sample tests to give students a glimpse of the test
format and content. These sample tests are designed to help students familiarise
themselves with the types of questions they can expect in the actual exams. They also serve
as a useful tool for assessing one’s current level of preparedness and identifying areas for
improvement. Free sample tests can be accessed through the official website or other
promotional channels provided by Origin Test Series.

Can I enrol in multiple test series simultaneously?

Absolutely! Origin Test Series understands that students may have diverse exam preparation
needs and schedules. As such, they offer the flexibility for students to enrol in multiple test
series simultaneously. This allows students to tailor their preparation by selecting test series
that cover different subjects or exam patterns. By enrolling in multiple test series, students
can diversify their learning experience and enhance their overall exam readiness.

Is there a refund policy for Origin Test Series?

Origin Test Series typically outlines its refund policy in the terms and conditions provided
during the registration process. While specific refund policies may vary depending on factors
such as the timing of the request and the reason for the refund, Origin Test Series strives to
ensure a fair and transparent process for all participants. It’s advisable for students to
carefully review the refund policy before making any payments to understand their rights and

Are there any additional resources available besides the test series?

In addition to the test series, Origin Test Series may offer a range of supplementary
resources to support students in their exam preparation journey. These resources may
include study materials, video lectures, practice questions, and revision notes, among others.
These additional resources are designed to complement the test series and provide students
with comprehensive support to help them succeed in their exams. Students can access
these resources through the Origin Test Series platform or other designated channels.

How are the tests structured in Origin Test Series?

Origin Test Series designs its tests to closely mimic the structure and format of the actual
exams. Each test is carefully crafted by experienced educators and subject matter experts to
cover the relevant syllabus and exam topics. The tests may consist of multiple-choice
questions, descriptive questions, and other question types commonly found in the respective
exams. The duration and difficulty level of each test may vary depending on the exam being

Can I track my progress in Origin Test Series?

Yes, Origin Test Series provides students with tools to track their progress throughout the
test series. After completing each test, students receive detailed performance reports that
highlight their strengths and areas for improvement. These reports typically include insights
such as overall score, subject-wise performance, time taken per question, and accuracy rate.
By analysing these reports, students can identify their weak areas and focus their efforts on
targeted improvement.

How is the scoring done in Origin Test Series?

Scoring in Origin Test Series is typically based on predetermined criteria established by the
program organisers. Each question in the test carries a certain weightage, and points are
awarded or deducted accordingly based on the student’s response. The scoring system may
vary depending on the type of question and the specific exam being simulated. Origin Test
Series aims to ensure fairness and accuracy in scoring to provide students with reliable
feedback on their performance.

Is there a negative marking scheme in Origin Test Series?

Yes, Origin Test Series may implement a negative marking scheme in some of its test series,
particularly for exams that follow such a pattern. In a negative marking scheme, points are
deducted for incorrect answers, incentivizing students to answer questions carefully and
avoid guessing blindly. The extent of negative marking, if any, is typically mentioned in the
test instructions provided to students before they attempt the test.

Can I get assistance with doubts and queries during my preparation?

Absolutely! Origin Test Series understands that students may encounter doubts or queries
while preparing for their exams. To address this, they often provide support channels such
as helplines, email support, or discussion forums where students can seek assistance from
experienced educators and mentors. Whether it’s clarification on a concept, guidance on
solving a particular problem, or general exam-related advice, students can reach out for help
and receive timely assistance from the Origin Test Series team.

Are there any study materials provided along with the test series?

Yes, Origin Test Series may offer study materials as part of its test series packages. These
study materials are curated by subject matter experts and designed to complement the test
series by providing additional learning resources. Study materials may include
comprehensive notes, textbooks, reference guides, and other educational resources tailored
to the exam syllabus. Students can utilise these materials to reinforce their understanding of
key concepts and enhance their exam preparation.

. What happens if I miss a test in Origin Test Series?

If you miss a test in Origin Test Series due to unavoidable circumstances, you may have the
option to reschedule the test depending on the program’s policies. It’s important to
communicate any issues or concerns regarding test attendance to the Origin Test Series
team as soon as possible to explore available solutions. In some cases, missed tests may be
rescheduled for a later date or alternative arrangements may be made to ensure that
students can complete their test series successfully.