Origin Live(FAQs)

What is Origin Live?

Origin Live is an online educational platform that provides live interactive classes for
students preparing for various competitive exams. It offers access to experienced
educators, high-quality study materials, and personalised learning support to help students
excel in their exams.

How does Origin Live work?

Origin Live conducts live classes via an online learning portal, allowing students to
participate in real-time interactive sessions with expert instructors. These classes cover
important topics and concepts relevant to respective exams and are supplemented with
study materials, practice questions, and doubt-solving sessions to enhance learning.

What competitive exams does Origin Live cater to?

Origin Live caters to a wide range of competitive exams, including JEE (MAINS+ADVANCED),
JEE (MAINS), NEET, and Foundation (NTSE & KVPY Olympiad). It offers specialised courses
tailored to the syllabus and exam pattern of each respective exam to ensure comprehensive
exam preparation.

How can I enrol in Origin Live courses?

Enrolling in Origin Live courses is simple. You can visit the official website of Origin Live,
browse through the available courses, and select the one that suits your exam preparation
needs. Once you’ve chosen a course, you can proceed with the enrollment process, which
typically involves providing basic personal information and making the required payment.

What are the benefits of joining Origin Live?

Joining Origin Live offers several benefits, including:
● Access to live interactive classes conducted by experienced educators.
● Comprehensive coverage of exam syllabus and important topics.
● Personalised doubt-solving sessions and feedback.
● High-quality study materials and practice questions.
● Flexibility to learn from the comfort of your home.
● Regular assessments and performance tracking.

Are the classes in Origin Live recorded for later viewing?

Yes, Origin Live often records the live classes for the convenience of students who may miss
the scheduled sessions. These recorded classes are made available on the platform for
students to access at their convenience and review the concepts covered during the live

Can I interact with the instructors during the live classes?

Absolutely! Origin Live encourages active participation and interaction between students and
instructors during the live classes. You can ask questions, seek clarification on concepts,
and engage in discussions with the instructors to enhance your understanding of the subject

How are the instructors selected in Origin Live?

Instructors in Origin Live are carefully selected based on their expertise, teaching experience,
and track record of success. They undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure that only
the best educators with a deep understanding of their subjects and a passion for teaching
are chosen to lead the classes.

Is there a trial period or demo class available before enrolling in Origin Live?

Yes, Origin Live may offer trial periods or demo classes for prospective students to
experience the platform and assess the quality of instruction before making a commitment.
These trial periods typically provide access to a limited number of classes or study materials
to give students a taste of what to expect from the full course.

What sets Origin Live apart from other online learning platforms?

Origin Live stands out from other online learning platforms due to its:
● Experienced faculty with a proven track record of success.
● Interactive and engaging live classes.
● Comprehensive coverage of exam syllabus.
● Personalised attention and doubt-solving support.
● Regular assessments and performance tracking.
● Flexibility and convenience of online learning.

Is there any technical support available for students encountering issues with the platform?

Yes, Origin Live provides technical support to students facing any issues with the online
learning platform. You can reach out to the technical support team through designated
channels such as helplines, email support, or live chat for prompt assistance with any
technical difficulties.

How can I access Origin Live study materials and practice questions?

Upon enrolling in Origin Live courses, you will gain access to a comprehensive repository of
study materials and practice questions through the online learning portal. These materials
are designed to supplement the live classes and aid in your exam preparation. You can
access them anytime, anywhere, using your login credentials.